Table Setup

White China and Silverware

Table Setup 2

White China and SilverWare

Table Setup 3

Glass and Silverware

High Tea Cups

Table Setup 4

Glassware Set

Table Setup 5

White China

Table Setup 6

White China

Table Setup 7

White China

Martini Glasses

Available In 6oz and 9oz

Cosmopolitan Glass

Available In 8oz

Irish Coffee Glass

Available In 8oz

Shot Glass

Available In 1oz

Punch Glass

Available in 6oz

Cocktail Glass

Available In 4.75oz

Brandy Glass

Available in 6oz

Wine Glasses

Available in 8.5oz, 8.5oz Balloon, 11oz, 17.75oz Balloon

Martini Glasses

Available With Shaker and In 6oz and 9oz

Table sets

Available In White China and Glass

Royal Daulton Bone China

Available In Off White